What Kind Of World Is This?

Life is a skill set -Mindset Skill - first and foremost. This is what we teach at the Academy.

Lost? – Unsure of how to stay true to yourself? Not knowing which way is up?

Because mindset is the quality of life,

You set which value you want to play your life in and when you want to – talk to me

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This is a special arena you have come to play in.  The operative word is IN – no longer will you be on the bench, in the side lines… No sireee you will be playing in your life or business. We’re going to get your mindset straight so that you can be sure to succeed – well have a much higher chance of success would be more accurate.

I have devised a new business model that ensures the best for you, to ensure that you can know which way to turn and add that to your list of ‘Proud Moments’. How can this be? I hear you, you know, I’m right here!

Right now down the road, imagine you have a great idea for your boss’s project, your dating life, a project, a business venture and you just can not seem to get it together to even talk about it… I know you can see it for you have binoculars in your hand (notice on the image above?)

There is procrastination in the air – how in the world do you deal with that? How can you be so silly to allow this nonsense to stop you in your tracks?

RELAX, this is where my new business model kicks in… Mindset Sessions on a drip?!

Either you can go it alone

Or you can be coached

And we can check in from time to time.

Where life can seem daunting and things just don’t go the way we planned  -Book A Session.


When you can think about starting an online business is REAL and want to talk about it to a qualified person – Book A Session 


The Academy, founder (aka me!) believes fun speeds up the learning process,

When I know you will face demons, traumas and whatnots tis best to have sessions that tailored made to where and who you are is in actual fact more conducive to fast tracking your success too!


When you work with Cat Payen, she will instantly change the way you see things about your business and yourself. Her techniques will cut through any doubts or distractions, as the sole focus of her approach is to make you successful. Cat will hold you accountable every step of the way in order to be the very best and not allow you to fail. Her methods push you to see the top of the mountain and begin the tangible journey of climbing to the summit!

Brad Kirsh

Owner/Product Creator, Slider Domination

You must know that you really saved my life back then in 2015 when we met first in Costa Rica.
Your support and your love, your contention made it possible for me to get out of an abusive and violent relationship…
To stand up for myself and to be able to believe that I could do better, that I was not trapped.
Love you so much!!!

Mabel Orbea

Founder, Dra. Mam (Equador)

Some people going through traumas, court cases, custody battles
– just a note, a musical note, can go a long way …

Get your own life underway...

There is so much to live for,


you are stuck in a dead end job,


you are just not being as productive as you want to be…


your life is just not exciting – I mean do you jump out of bed each and every day? Not yet, eh?!

So what in the world are you waiting for?

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