If you have come back to your ‘home’ country from the expat life and are skill-less this coaching is for you m’y ladies.

To inspire awareness to the jewels within you, empowering you to enjoy the journey.

So you have finally made it back to the home land and what has happened? Nothing it’s as if you have been blitz off the face of the earth and allowed to come back to somewhere familiar only you have not really existed on this planet before…

You may have plenty of skills, yet now with a family, or a change (like 180°) in career path you do not have any tangible assets to speak of. You do not know where to go, whom to turn to… Tis literally worse than high school and that’s saying a lot!

 As if that was not enough you discover certain things about you that ‘explain’ why you are weired, so they say…. 

So what now?????

Now you get to know who you are! 

You get your light to shine – however that looks for you!

You get to live your best life yet! 

The future is so bright, tis time to get those shades out!

You slay your saboteurs once and for all!

You get to shine and my how you can shine so brightly!

When that Sage in you gets let loose:

you’ll be unstoppable;

you’ll be fusing all neurones at once;

you’ll be doing it on all fronts

  • the wife front;

  • or the single mother front

  • the newly divorcée front;

  • the mother front;

  • the home maker front;

  • the school parent rep. front;

  • the entrepreneur front;

  • the financial front;

  • and all the while the infamous TAXI front!

  • You’ll leave them all speachless
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