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As a scientist is like being a manager and having to work in an absolutely unknown field this remains my field of activity because being a scientist I cannot work in the “known”. Working with living human brains and providing answers to them remains very slim in order to be able to make concrete extrapolations in my activity for the moment. That doesn’t stop me from getting results quickly – measurable, tangible and real results.

That there is no typical profile, but rather a common base of skills to draw up a state of the art, and by studying the feasibility we can develop a protocol and write a research project.

We see that it is the intelligence of the situation and the rise in height that make a theme a potential project, making intellectual gymnastics worthwhile.

This systemic approach of taking the subject as a whole, seeing the subject in a broader way remains important. The thirst for knowledge, the curiosity of the intellectual is in my DNA.

Having this systems approach – This allows you to step back and take into account all aspects of a problem instead of focusing on just a point … …

You are at the center of my universe, for if you and I are one then I want the best for you, as I want the best for myself! It’s easy right, not very complexe!

This is how life should be simple, fun and I am going to have a good time enjoying what I do. of course this has its setbacks and is not always that easy.

Suffice to say that I have had many a traumatic experience getting me into deep dark holes that were so cold, lonely and terrifying that yes, I did crumble. Oh I absolutely played the victim role, I fell, down and down and down I went – but when I finally hit rock bottom something in me just howled – like a wolf perhaps is the best way I may describe the action, physically it was just that the rage with all, the frustration of being trapped, the endless questioning in my head that never let up, never, making me want to bang my head on anything available and the finality of the hand that it met resounding in me, making me feel as if my brain had been battered about. This echoed for days, so for days on in I was in a daze, raw so I moved little and said less so as to appease the human volcano that also pottered about the house.

Living in fear is I think the worst thing any human can endure.

The physical pain is secondary to the psychological inflingement that one human can put another one through. For “pain is just information” my son would say and thus you can turn the information receptors off!

To turn the psychological effects off you meditate ^.^ and that was the start of it for me – the longer you meditate the less your subconscious takes the toll and one day you just wake up and realise ‘WTF???’ and as you see the hand coming ‘No this is not normal’ so your body goes out of ragdoll mode into a rigid NO mode. This is when bones start to break – your physical reality is telling you something before your mind can pick it up – your conscious mind that is.

So you see I have come back from way down there on the frequency scale – suffice to say I am a scientist and see everything in terms of atoms, vibrations and thus frequencies!

I have a full course on that too… here so I shan’t go into a lot of detail on that now.

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