Let Google work for you,

& let our agency get you out of the dinosaur era.

Get your business on Google page searches and in the maps section enabling you to be where your local clients are searching.


Get your company to the top of your local client’s searches with a few simple attributes on Google My Business Pages.

Because your Google listing is seen as your second home page, and if you do not have a website then a Google listing on Google My Business is vital for your clients to find you.

Not only do they find you on Google (often mobile searches), learn about your company, products and services but they can also call you on the spot, ask a question, book an appointment.

In order to become user (customer) friendly there are a number of vital steps to optimising your profile on Google My Business. Nevertheless it may get confusing as your Google listing is actually a separate entity from your Google My Business account, although they are connected.

Here is what we can do for you at the agency:

tame the dinosaur… &

Basic package:

Create your Google My Business Page optimised;

Apply to Google for the Google My Business Page;

Fill out the necessary details, with SEO,  marketing details to boost your rankings;


Ensure your location on the Map is correctly implemented;

Get your own personal Google website;

Ensure office hours are constantly updated (due to the current situation…);


  •  to be able to reply to customers;
  •  to be able to add posts;
  •  to be able to add photos;

Enabling clients to ask for quotes &

quick questions on the Google website;

To help you Traverse to the 21st century


Simple , fill out the forms online then you write to Goole as instructed.

Within days you’ll receive a postal mail. 


That is one way to do it for sure. The other way is via my Agency 

Google My Business code via postal mail
WhatsApp Me Directly
I shall answer ASAP