‘Before we kick off – just in case this is all new to you then here is a list of pointers as to the program – specific to our colarboration.

You can of course go straight to the last tab below Wow. & all this….assessment’ to get the Saboteur Assessment, your PQ score and book a call. 

Err what building brain 'muscle'?


The great thing about this program is that we build new neurological pathways in the frontal cortex, rather the right hemisphere where the Sage finds itself with its powers (empathy, curiosity, innovate, navigate and laser focused action). We bring you back to your essence as it were. The left hemisphere where the lizard brain resides is home to the Saboteurs (the Judge, Controller, Stickler, Avoider, Pleaser, Victim………). This is where you spend most of your time, for now 😉

And this is a proven method?

What do you think?!

The neurosciences we use have been vetted already by about 400K people around the globe, so you are safe!

The new twist to it is my own coaching with my own angle to it – Autistic Women more specifically Aspergers Females

So now my brain is a computer?

Should we liken your brain to the hardware then the PQrep exercises will install the new software (such as IOS/ANDROID) and overriding the old version.

This in itself is huge – no years in sessions with a psychologist or psychoanalysis no! A six week program to start the ball rolling.

This means I rub hands?

So the exercises are done from an app three times a day, two minutes each.

And yes one of the exercises is to rub two hands together and to really feel the sensation of that.

How does the program unfold... ?
  1. There is one video to watch on the topic of the week and
  2. A POD meeting (with peers 5 max.).
    These POD meetings create a cohesion that runs deep for each are having the same work set and the same breakthroughs during the session, an important part of the program to be able to share with people who understand.
  3. et Voilà –   New synaptic networks will be formed.
Wow, and all this with a single Saboteur Assessment?
  1. Go to the website and take the Saboteur Assessment (send me a copy info@spiritualonlinebusinessacademy.com);
  2. Stay on the website & take your PQ score   (idem);
  3. Book a Call (we can talk about the program, intentions and specific problems/fears/Saboteurs you may wish to enquire about);
  4. Start the ball rollin’
WhatsApp Me Directly
I shall answer ASAP