Global events have changed the world of yesteryear…

Come, be part of the new economy mindset,

Stop being pushed by fear, come and be pulled by the calm sage within. Welcome to the mental gym, build up those mental muscles.  

Mental fitness is moving towards your own courage so as to have the muscle strength to ward off any and all saboteurs shifting into clear-headed laser-focused decisive action.

Hi! I’m Cat. Coaching you to build that sage muscle of the right intuitive brain leaving the left rational brain behind…

As a coach, here are things about you I know:

  • You have reached a place of wanting more;
  • Getting out of your own way is complex;
  • You tend to avoid failure;
  • You’re too tired at this point to control everything;
  • This leaves you really depleted of energy to spend elsewhere;
  • You’re using will power to overcome anxiety as opposed to getting those creative juices flowing;
  • At the management level, the F word is not allowed – Fatigue? Flow? Failure?
    • You’re still at management level – bottom-ish rung of the ladder,
    • Not where you want to be,
    • Not where you ‘know you should be’,
    • & Not where you could be!
  • You’re still playing it small, not getting out of your own way;
  • You are not stretching yourself out of your comfort zone…

This is not your fault (?). This is the way society has conditioned you and thus you respond as best you can with the tools you are equipped with.

Want to know what else I know about you?

  • You are self-sabotaging,
  • You have a mine of gems hidden underneath,
  • You are courageous,
  • You are incredibly creative,
  • You are resourceful,
  • So let’s get those mind muscles fit and excavate those jewels…

Here's the thing...

During this recent global event, we have all lived through, we know now from personal experience that this is one short life we get to live.

Live your 2nd chance to the fullest.

Get a coach and build those right-brain Sage muscles!

Control what you can – & that’s you. You are already an incredible being of
30 trillion cells, 78 organs and 1 soul.

Master you and bring it into landing, hole in one. This brings inner peace, joy & serenity. The rest fall into place.