Master Your brain's neuronal connections.

Get out of the Lizard's fright brain & Be the sage to wallow in the calmness of your intuitive, empathic mind.
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6-week Positive Intelligence® PQ training program

  1. Take the saboteur assesment & PQ score
  2. Book a call & coaching session
  3. Decide to start
  4. Download the app
  5. Have fun & test the exercises* on the app before you start
  6. Start on a Saturdays by watching 1 video (1hr) per week
  7. Meetings in POD groups (5 max)  each week

*Listen here (This is the exercise I did as my girl was having a meltdown and it got her laughing -yes laughing!!- at the grimaces I was making)

7 Weeks to Master Mental Fitness

* Accepting Rolling Applications.

Practical Information.


Increasing mental fitness needs energy to not to transform but to become aware, stop then redirect impulses along the neurones, and we know as arborescent brainiacs that means a lot of energy. You may very well become hungrier,  so stock up on dried fruit, nuts, hot chocolates for those winter nights…  The exercises are but a mere 2 minutes 3 times a day but to rewire these sorts of brain takes a lot of energy so you are noted and warned.

You will be amazed at the transformation already in just 6 weeks.

Everything is made simple.

How does it work?

Mental fitness is a measure of your positive intelligent quotient (PQ). This is measured by the ‘strength of your mental muscles (sage) vs the negative (saboteur).’ 

Research with 500,000 participants in many countries with respect to the indicator of happiness and performances relative to your potential has given PQ to be the best predictor.

Research Foundation.

This is a combination of the latest discoveries in neuroscience, psychology- cognitive and positive- and performance sciences. This lead to Shirzad Chamine’s New York Times bestseller ‘POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE ®’ Given to you in the course. 


How We Self Sabotage.

Since the dawn of time we have been using our lizard brain to survive in a harsh environment. Today these ways are not necessary, yet our lizard brain is forever active and nothing gets past it, for example if you are hungry during a meeting, no matter how much you try and concentrate you will think of food!  So your saboteurs, who generate all the negativity in the way they respond to stress cause you to stress out, feel anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt and general unhappiness. Saboteurs can be seen in the image opposite, include the controller, hyper rational, the judge, the stickler to name a few….

 Where’s the Sage At?

Your ‘sage’ lives in a different region of your right brain and handles challenges giving positive emotions such as curiosity, empathy, creativity, calm and clear-headed-laser-focused action. Not only do you perform better but you’re happier to boot!

MRI studies have shown thatn the PQrep exercises activate this part of the brain, making it so successful.

Results of Boosting PQ

PERFORMANCE : Similar to athletes “in the zone” your performance increases whilst you work less.

I took up golfing at the beginning of my course and the results I obtained in 3 months were outstanding I was told, I knew it was because I was doing my PQreps before each shot! I was also able to produce this website as I saw fit – with fun, colours, talk to my type of people and have serious stuff on it too, before I would have listened to my saboteurs and just done a drab old get old!

HAPPINESS : You feel more peace, less stress and consistent happiness whatever the circumstances. 

I re-found the thrill and joy of just a blue sky, the grass so green under my feet, during this pandemic everything was so tense and yet my happiness levels soared!

RELATIONSHIPS : You handle conflicts in a completely new approach and different perspective, thus the relationships in general improve.

As a recluse, the new found joy, playing golf on the course with other players gave me real wings and yes I flew!

Achieve mental fitness,

Boost Your PQ

Like any other muscle you must exercise daily if you expect to get any sort of results.

As a hyper-achiever there was no way I would not do this to the letter and more – not only did I want to win within my POD, show the example, but most importantly I wanted to win against my JUDGE… I realise as I write all this down that I never thought of myself as competitive, yet I did always want to shine to myself to show myself I could do it, as so often I did nothing. That was due to my judge and his ally saboteur(s). 

Finding all this out alone was like shining a spotlight to a bunch of prisoners trying to escape, there they all were gaping at me with those eyes…. 

So no tis the best thing I did taking this course – during lockdown too – oh lordy, lordie, Lord! I had time on my hands and I really used it wisely. 

I was just about to go back to school to do a PhD on finding how to get happiness on an app, how to find something to measure the happy hormone levels in the brain, in the blood…. My brain was on alert mode – then POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE© came my way 🙂 Never have I been happier to beat down my saboteurs, may they rest in peace  † 

There are 3 core muscles of mental fitness.

Intercept the Judge or other Saboteurs.

Intercept and weaken the most damaging Saboteur, the Judge. This is the voice inside your head making you live in the negative emotions stress, anxiety… so that you handle challenges from fear and thus the judge gets to keep his position – after all he’s kept you safe up til now, right?

I won’t delve into the physical symptoms this can lead to either… 

Just know that happiness can not be achieved from here.

Learn to expose and intercept your top saboteurs.

Sage Muscle Power.

Learn to boost your Sage.

The Sage lives in a completely different part of the brain, the right hemisphere where unicorns and rainbows lie. Learn to handle your life’s challenges with pink glasses and watch your performance soar with the eagles!

Here there are no ill physical side effects on your body.

Boosting the Sage can lead to great happiness and from there performance is enhanced.

Self-Command Muscle.

Boost your ability to command your mind to quietten the Saboteur region and amplify the Sage region. 

Just do the PQreps exercises, 10 seconds to be in the exercise field boosting your seld-command muscle.

And remember ‘easy does it’, Saboteurs have you rushing, Sage is in the flow.

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