Positive Intelligence Program.

When you go to trainings, seminars, networking events, courses and the like we all know that there is the initial high, euphoria, optimism and the excitement that carry’s through until the drop off point hits us in 90% of cases that is only a couple of months or at the very most half a year. The only factor missing is the length of time this takes, that is the variable here and we all know it, yet we keep going to these events hoping that the transformative breakthrough will arrive.  Because when it does….

So we all keep shooting for the stars, we all want that feeling of euphoria that hit of dopamine with wonderment and hope that this is the one to create that lasting change.

Can we create that positive long ever (?) lasting change?

For years I have been to seminars, courses read hundreds of books, articles, periodicals in what seemed to be the holy grail quest!

It then came to me just at the perfect time…

I found Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence. This was a system with an app and accountability, something that I could use.

The main reason for its success is that

  1. Deals with Root Causes. The PI protocol treats the root cause rather than the symptoms (a lot like my homeopathy remedies). If you treat the root of any problem or plant you then have eradicated the issue and a flourishing tree ensues.
  2. Mental Muscle Building.  Humans are governed by their minds and this is from day one. No seminar can change that neurological wiring in two or even five days. The main way to get permanent change is by changing those neurological pathways in what Shirzad phrases ‘mental muscle building’. This is why the app is so handy for these exercises (PQreps) 2 minutes each, are done just three times a day. Something that the busiest of CEOs can fit into their schedule allowing for the habit of mental muscle building to occur.
  3. Operating Systems Go, Go, Go…  Shirzad is a computer engineer and thus saw the dawn of many geeky things (My own father, was a  geek pioneer too. He placed computer systems in the banking world, 1980 onward, so many things change so fast at eight I saw a fax machine taking up practically a whole floor at the Bank of America’s London Office, not long after that I had one in my uni dorm!! How about you? What did you notice? But I digress…). At the time calculators calculated, typewriters typed, calendars scheduled… And then came the operating system one hardware device capable of running the latter applications plus hundreds more. And to cut a long story short Shirzad conducted surveys, experiments, tests to develop an operating system for personal and professional development, simplifying radically the methodology of coaching, training to produce the development. Like computer software, the simplicity of the mental muscle building can be compared to upgrading the software that is your brain.

Here is a very brief summary of the PI Positive Intelligence system (for more details go here) where massive studies were carried out to determine the factor analysis on the root-level factors that determine thoughts, emotions and reactions.

Factor Analysis defined : it is the practice of condensing many variables into few, so that the research data is easier to work with. The simplest example colours, with three primary colours the rest can be created. Thus from red, blue & yellow the painters can create teal, green, orange, brown, purple….   

The results of factor analysis gave rise to ten factors responsible for self-sabotage.  Here are the ten saboteurs; the Avoider, Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Judge, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler and Victim. All of our stress, upsets, why we fall short and bash ourselves about and any other negative emotions we have are done by these lads and lasses!

Looking at the other end of the spectrum… the positive emotions of happiness, success, joy, gratitude all come from the Sage powers and there are five root level positive factors. Here are the five Sage powers; Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate. These are the only powers necessary to dramatically change your life!

The experimental results gave a significant simplification of the training & coaching with increase development. Thus the focus can be on core issue of mental muscle building and because these are but a few, the results can be seen and felt thus wanting to continue is self determining. The transformative impact of the operating system in how it powers a hundred applications from stress induced saboteur lies to empowered Sage perspectives. Giving rise to you getting less easily ‘hijacked’ by your saboteur’s lies and can continue your laser-focused clear-headed actions of success and happiness again and again, this also induces others to bring out their own Sage and the cycle continues on.

This is great for neuordivergents

Due to the high power of our mimicking neurones, one sage will call another.

To just not have your head full of saboteurs is in itself a holiday that we wish to go on!

Because we are now treating the root causes and not the symptoms we are able to focus at the core issues, and that is a rabbit hole we can easily go down.

Habits are easier to form as we are rewiring our brains

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