The Agency started in 2017 when an English friend told me about how Google had this service, free, for companies called at the time Google My Business. Simple to set up yet there seemed to be this simple step company owners missed out and thus did not get the results they hoped and it did not take off as Google hoped.

I came home to Bordeaux and set about starting my own Google My Buisness agency knowing this. While it is true that the business took off, I had an array of clients and spent most of my time delving into technical mishaps the company owners had made due to their background not being technical and we all know the internet is sooooo simple right?!

At about the same time I had to deal with my own family issues, and so I started coaching (Spiritual Online Business Academy is born) other parents going through the same ordeal and the agency sort of fizzled out !?!

UNTIL 2022

Google seeing that more and more people were creating online businesses realigned their algorithm and split Google My Business into two sections one for bigger corporate types still called Google My Business and the other section for smaller businesses possibly solopreneurs too, into Google Listing.

So wanting to help as many entrepreneurs as I possibly can, I reignited the fuel in the agency, my Agency to really help you all. I am the best!


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