To inspire awareness to the jewels within you, empowering you to enjoy the journey.

Welcome to the mind gym

What would be possible if you ran your mind in laser-focused clarity, rather than self-sabotaging overwhelm?

How would you feel if your emotions felt calmness, joy & abundance at the cellular level?

What would your life look like?

Imagine your relationships, both professional and private taking on a new dimension…

And during those moments where you are caught off guard (we are all human after all…!), you had a foolproof way of getting back on track within minutes in a meeting, hours for bigger problems and days instead of months for a life crisis?

When you work with Cat Payen, she will instantly change the way you see things about your business and yourself. Her techniques will cut through any doubts or distractions, as the sole focus of her approach is to make you successful. Cat will hold you accountable every step of the way in order to be the very best and not allow you to fail. Her methods push you to see the top of the mountain and begin the tangible journey of climbing to the summit!

Brad Kirsh

Owner/Product Creator, Slider Domination

You must know that you really saved my life back then in 2015 when we met first in Costa Rica.
Your support and your love, your contention made it possible for me to get out of an abusive and violent relationship…
To stand up for myself and to be able to believe that I could do better, that I was not trapped.
Love you so much!!!

Mabel Orbea

Founder, Dra. Mam (Equador)

What I See,

Why My Work is Unique.

As we embark on an incredibly powerful 6-week program developed by Shirzad Chamine, PhD studies in neuroscience in addition to a BA in psychology, an MS in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford. He then went on to become a lecturer at Stanford, NY Times bestseller and 7 years president of the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Mental Fitness

Here we get to exercise our ‘neurones’ in a singular way that enables them to stop the saboteurs and start to use the sage perspective. As this is during a particular time where the outside world is more tranquil, a real bonus for us, we can use this to our absolute advantage and save spoon energy 😉   The minds of both hemispheres will meander and wonder to find peace and tranquility, leaving us to forge through to the sage warrior!

Building Muscle

During this process, I recomend the POD format of max 5 people for there is a unity and accountability that sparks the joy of this work. As we all hold sacred space for these huge minds of different colours, words and vibrations we know we can grow, we can allow the injustices of the world to pass us by and just be, and just grow. 

Growth and ‘Tranquilisation.’

This program can absolutely change the brain’s neuronal pathways. The plus side for neurodivergents is that our sage allows us to execute with renewed vigour, excitement, joy and fun these billion ideas we have all the time. We are now able with these exercises to accomplish the bestest of tbe best.

Do allow yourself the luxury of the fun in our neurodivergency…

  • You are ready to not explode at every injustice,
  • You are willing to get into execution of the unknown territories out into the galaxies of your mind,
  • This would mean a totally new unchartered world for you here in your home land,
  • Wowing yourself into awe – this is where I am at right now (for I’m talking to you! 🙂
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